Adding UTM tracking to your AdWords account allows data to be passed into CRM systems to track the source of leads and sales through relevant systems or sales processes.

  1. Select "All Campaigns" on the left hand navigation menu
  2. Select "Settings" from the next menu
  3. Select "Account Settings" from the top menu and then select the drop down menu called "Tracking"
  4. Copy and paste the following into the "Tracking template" text box: {lpurl}?campaignid={campaignid}&adgroupid={adgroupid}&keyword={keyword}&matchtype={matchtype}&adposition={adposition}

    {lpurl} indicates that the final URLs used on creatives/keywords should be inputted here
    ? separates the final URL and the tracking templates
    &  separates the individual tracking template parameters
  5. Click Save

If there are other items you wish to track, a complete list can be found here: