To link your Google Analytics account to Diginius Insight, first go to the customer details section of the Account screen.

Then click the button "Link Google Account" under the Google Analytics section.

You will then be taken to a Google Authentication screen, where you will be able to authorize Diginius Insight to connect to your Google Analytics account. You will need to be logged into a Google account that has admin rights to your Google Analytics account.

Then, click "Allow" to connect the app.

You can then select the appropriate Account, Property and View in your Analytics account (each Google Analytics account consists of an Account, that can have multiple Property and Views - select the one that you want to use). Once the account is connected you will see the account details in your Diginius Insight account. If you need to change the account you can do so by the change account function. Please note: the Google Analytics user you connect with will need to have Admin rights so that you have the right permissions to connect the account.