Our Lead Intelligence module is the jewel in the crown for any sales team. It is a veritable treasure trove of information.

It allows users to find who has visited their website and narrow Select the Lead Intelligent tab. Lead qualifying is gold because if you know where a company came from and what they were looking for on your website it makes it easier for your sales team to find the right person to talk to. Once a company has been on your website Diginius Insight allows you to check their 

  • Google presence, LinkedIn profile and company registration if they are in the UK
  • Evaluate and extract lead intelligent report
  • Insert leads into spreadsheets 
  • Email prospects 
  • Phone call
  • Document spreadsheet of contacts approached
  • Other valuable titbits of information included are country, city, post code, campaign ID, Ad Position, Match Type, Keyword, Time on site (sec), Total No. Of Visits etcetera. Please see images at the bottom of this page.

To access your Lead Intelligence Report - from the top left navigation please

  • Click Dashboard
  • Click Lead Intelligence