This is the total number of times an ad(s) was clicked. This is useful for tracking trends over time.


A conversion is a customer action that adds value to your business. This value is defined by your business. It could be an online purchase, an application download or whatever the business deems important. In Google Adwords you can use conversion tracking code to see which ads led to the business‘s desired goal. Ads with higher conversation rates are the ones to keep.


This a quantitative measurement of how many times your ads were presented and, theoretically, seen by viewers.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

This is the measure of ad effectiveness. The formula is; total clicks/ad impressions. An ad’s CTR is a strong indicator of its relevance to the user and overall success. Ads that suffer from low CTR should be evaluated for relevance and success in comparison to competitor ads. Consistently low performance CTR should be modified and, if needed, replaced or done away with.

Bounce Rate 

The percentage of people who enter your site and immediately leave rather than continue within your site. 

The Avg Session Duration 

The average amount of time in seconds that visitors spend on your site.

All the above terms are the key performance indicators that are used to measure the effectiveness of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

User Access Levels and the privileges associated with each.

Reporting Access User

- View dashboards/receive reports only

Standard Access User

- View all dashboards/receive reports

- Modify report selection/schedule 

- Add/remove/modify seo keywords

- Add/remove/modify competitors

- Run SEO health audit

Administrator User

- View all dashboards/receive reports

- Modify report selection/schedule

- Add/remove/modify seo keywords

- Add/remove/modify competitors

- Run SEO health audit

- Add/delete users

- Change billing/payment details

Types and sources of traffic to you site

Organic Search refers to the number of searches coming from a search engine, such as Google or Bing where the user clicks on an organic ranking of your site.

Direct Traffic is a visitor to your site with no referring website.

Referral Visits to your site are visits from other sites such as search engines, social media, blogs etcetera.

Paid Searches are number of visits from from ads that you paid for. Paid Search traffic are more likely than most to lead to a conversion.

Social Number of visits from social media. E.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Paid Display Number of visits from paid for ads. 

Email Number of clicks stemming from a link in an email.


Other All other sources of traffic.