Diginius Customer Details

To access Customer Details - from the top left navigation please   

  • Click Account
  • Click Customer Details

If you have previously submitted your details the relevant information is displayed.

Please enter your company name in the space provided

Please enter your website URL

Please enter Service under Company Type. For E-Commerce please enter E-Commerce. Please see FIG 2 below

Please enter your Twitter Handle


Please type in the name of your goals (Service Account), you may enter up to 5 goals. Goals are what your business is trying track.

  • Click Save to save your goals
  • Press Edit to make changes to your goals

Click Link Google Account to get your Google analytics data

Click Link Google Account to get your Google Adwords data

If you wish to link with a different account please click on Change Google Account

To change the linked account please 

  • Click Change Google Account

  • Click Save to save
  • Click Edit to make changes